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deliberating and dan noyes has been inside of the courtroom following this trial. and will join with us a live report at 5:00 and 6:00 so stay tuned for that. good afternoon. >> another breaking story. sky 7 hd shows us crews on the scene of a brush fire. >> you can see flames charred dry brush. the area known as parks6!= reserve area training area. >> it's a center forearmy reserve personnel. you can see crews do seem to have a good handle on this one. >> if you missed a lit show last night you may get another chance to see it tonight. thousands of lightning strikes made for a spectacular display. we're live with more on this rare summer show. david? >> there is no doubt there was a big show last night according to senseors you can seebi backyards even. as mentioned there is a possibility of more tonight. how did you explain what he saw last night. abc 7 news cameras captured drama of lightning bolts estimated to be 50,000 degrees hot enough to spark fires if touching the ground. certified consulting meteorologist says low pressure system moving west across the state and continued to light up
us to open at noon on tuesday. check thought view of the s curve. drivers say gg buy to old welcoming new yerba buena island transition, a thin protective coating being put down entering and leaving the tunnel to create a smooth surface. >> key thing is that construction is going well, we're on schedule. work started last night at 8:00.fvp1h we don't see anything ahead of us that would cause us to think we're going to get pushed off schedule. >> caltrans officials say the conditions look favorable throughout the weekend. >> with the race on, caltrans is wasting no time with demolition of the old one. >> they won't be able to blow it up and won't be able to knock it down. drivers will watch the old one disappear in march, costing taxpayers $229 million. a true engineer sees the beauty in it. >> sometimes two plates creating an axe. sometimes there is a flat plate with an angle. it's like my grandmother's old doyley. >> brian is in charge of taking that work apart. a task tougher than it sounds. >> this is a highly strained system. it's almost like a bow and arrow, it's strong. you can'
, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> this is a live picture showing something we've become used to seeing. traffic making it's way across the old bridge while the new span sits idle. >> today officials voted to open the new eastern span no later than tuesday, september 3. that is the morning after labor day. but it's not going to be easy for commuters because in order to open the new span, they have to close the bridge for a total of five days to allow all work required to connect the new eastern span to the rest of the bridge that. is why they want badly to close the bridge or a holiday weekend. >> that means crews have better access to the bridge on labor day. meaning more likelihood we can pull it off under the schedule is also, i think, another reason to move forward. >> transportation returned to their original time frame following a report by administrators that they endorsed a temporary fix confirming the bridge will be safe to use while workers complete the permanent fix. >> it will leave thousands looking for a way across the bay. thank goodness there is no bart strike going on. >> yes. t
in the negotiations.,zw the directors then disappeared behind closed doors. abc 7 news reporter nick smith joins us live now from the ashby station. nick? >> it's been tough for everyone involved. the thing i kept hearing over again was everyone wants a deal to be made with less than two days to go before strikes it seems everyone wants everyone to get to the table to hammer out a deal. the board got an ear frfl commuters and union representatives pushing for an agreement to avoid phone shall strike. union representing the majority of the workers issued a notice of intent to strike sunday at midnight accusing members of not doing nouf hear them out. they held a closed door session, the first time all met in a group since june, james fang, the board's senior members believes this played into progress on both sides of the table and told me more participation couldn't hurt. >> i think unnecessarily we've put the bay area into this particular position. i think negotiators could show a lilg bit more respect to getting a deal done. >> our position is that our riders must be safe on the bart system. our w
by following us on twitter. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm carolyn johnson. >> traffic and traffic woes clearly the story of the day. other major incident occurring today nearly 10 hours later, as you can see here, in this picture that was taken this morning there was a big rig fire that caused massive problems throughout the day. the morning commute was a disaster. i just got across the bridge myself. took two hours and and it just caused, well, do you know what? looks like good progress sk made now, but what's happening when we were stuck in this is that you have nerve a dead stop, then, people running out of gas. other cars are overheating. then you have chp officers trying to drive in and it was back up on top of back up, we've got a shot of what the metering lights are. >> commuters thought they'd caught a break today. you can tell it's just been a mess out there. in san francisco we have more. vic? >> first of all, larry ought to move closer to the city. on a serious note can you imagine what it would have been like if there was a bart strike? take a look now i'm told all rains --
to suping -- helping contain the fire this, is video from wednesday, they helped drop water using a black hawk helicopter. >> san ran is among the city being asked to help fight the fire. firefighters geared up for the trip. >> members are what we call volunteers each year they sign up to take training. they all have -- they have gear and go through training and these members are all within the city and county of san francisco, city fire department have volunteered to go on the rigs to assist. >> five rigs are heading to yosemite. 20 personnel will be deployed between five to 10 days. the fire caused problems from the hetch hetchy water supply system providing water for san francisco. cornell bernard is monitoring that part of the story and live from san francisco. cornell? >> that wildfire making officials nervous. keeping an eye on it, it's creeping closer towards primary drinking water and power supply, hetch hetchy. it's all hands on deck at san francisco's public utilities commission. folks inside of the situation room are monitoring the fire burning 200 miles way from the city. >> i
difficult childhoods. all of us will miss her beautiful, giving spirit. >> this was the largest seizure of club drugs in the history of the san francisco police department. >> officials found a huge quantity of ecstasy which may have been destined for the outside lands festival. vic lee joins us live with the story. vic? >> part luck good, timing and good police work that led to this huge amount of ecstasy. it's such a big case, police are considering handing it over to the u.s. toush. -- attorney. >> the narcotics have a street value if excess of $1.5 million. >> this is what officers confiscated. ecstasy, called molly. 23 kilos of powder. 30,000 pills. and 30,000 dollars in cash. it happened sunday morning. a tenant on an apartment called police at about 9:00 a.m. saying someone tried to break into the billing. responding officers say a broken window and a blood trail. following to it another apartment where he live ease answered the door, officers observed his hand bleeding. >> they twont see if someone else was hurt and saw steven terrell. police found something else. >> in the apar
>>> thanks for joining us. >> breaking news involves possible bart strike monday. we just learned the governor will seek a court ordered cooling off period sunday if both sides cannot come up with a deal before then. >> laura anthony joins us live now in oakland. judging from the tone here it doesn't sound like a heck of a lot of progress is being made at the table. >> well, no. larry and today bart management told us he had, quote no appetite for another strike and true that we heard that his announced the governor he will go to court necessary in san francisco, sunday morning to ask for an order that these sides abide by a cooling off period. they're expected to negotiate. that is what they're doing in the building behind me. >> as he went into yet another bargaining session the district lead negotiator said the talks were somewhat productive. and generally cordial. >> i don't raise my voice. i don't yell, or scream. they don't yell, they don't scream. it's very polite relationship. everybody realizes we've got a job to do. serve trying to do it. >> the district has not come for
acres but only burned dry grass in the field. you can stay with us as we keep an eye on this fire and fwol us on twitter. >> we have breaking news in san jose. a jury just found a former schoolteacher guilty of sexual assaulting five students. the 36-year-old craig chandler convicted of all five charges against him arks accused of blind folding students and making them perform sex acts. the girls were seven or eight years old. prosecutors say it happened inside of his classroom last year. sentencing scheduled for september 27. abc 7 news is inside of the courtroom now and swril a live report on this verdict coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. good of the noon sh everybody. >> now, to the emotional testimony in a cleveland courtroom today. >> you deserve live in prison. >> no longer a victim, she's a survivor. a young woman confronts the man who held her and two others captive for more than a decade, michelle knight actually smiled in court as castro left the courtroom. a judge sentences him to a life sentence plus a thousand years in jail. >> before that night, -- knight stepped forw
vic lee joins with us developments. vic? >> they found her car, cell phones but police have been able to locate her. >> they split up in small groups leafletting areas including the neighbor around her home, her daughter last saw her sunday night when she left the house, saying she'd be back in a half hour. the 50-year-old worked as a death penalty appeals investigator for a federal defender in sacramento. dozens of colleagues came today. her boss didn't think anyone connected to cases would kidnap her. >> in 20 years i've never heard of anyone being targeted for the work they do. >> they canvased the area and in richmond she posted flyers offering a $1,000 reward for the return of her beloved cocker span yil mix. her best friend thinks the disapooper may have something to do with the pet. >> people have called saying i have the dog or have seen the dog. she went to meet them or talk to them. and it was lies. >> some people including her sister, tanya heard someone asked for anyone in return for the dog. that person may have been arrested. all she knows is her sister's final twordz he
this appeared to be a random shooting. investigators are expected to give us more information later this hour and we'll bring you an update on abc 7 news at 5:00. you can get breaking news 24-7 by following us on twitter. good afternoon, everybody. >> before that arrest in san jose, there was chaos in another south bay city today. those are gunshots from police they killed a murder suspect. they say the man charged officers after strangling a woman inside of his house.tq7 vic lee is live at the scene. vic? >> the house is just to the side. police have been here all day, gathering evidence. we have yet to see the coroner so we do know that the two bodies are still qlf that house. now, abc 7 news has learned names of the two but we're withholding their names because the coroner has not released them. we don't know if next of kin has been notified. apparently file aid restraining order against the man last fall, charging domestic violence police arrived at the home this morning after receiving a disturbing call. >> we received a phone call from a male subject stating he killed someone inside o
by janine three summers ago. if you have pictures from trips to the camp send them to us. >> we have heard from you as how devastating this s it's a gem to be lost. let's check in now with the forecast. >> we'll take you into the area of fires right now. it's warm but not hot temperatures. 84 degrees in groveland now. winds are light out of the south, southwest and here is a look at our black and white image shing you a little bit less smoke from the fire now than we saw at the end of the week. not reaching so far as it did last weekend but stishlgs lots of smoke builds up over last several days from the fires and air sqault not good. a air quality warning is in effect until noon wednesday. sheer little bit of news. showers moving up from the south in the direction of the fire but concern is that there may be lightning strikes which could increase risks. 71 oakland. 78 los gatos another live view from mount tam looking down on to the bay. beautiful day around the bay area now. sunny skies, 83 in santa rosa. 81 napa. and now looking from our camera towards golden gate we'll see areas of low
the american bar association it's time to reform federal drug prosecutions. >> mark matthews joins us live now withholder's speech and the reaction. mark? >> he didn't talk about federal prosecution of medical marijuana but eric holder wants to scale back on the amount of prison time for what he called low-level nonviolent drug offenders. he's going to instruct u.s. attorneys to reduce charges to limit those mandatory minimum sentences. at the american bar association meeting this morning attorney general holder call forward a gnaw approach to inen forcing drug laws. >> very mandated a modification of the justice department's charging policies so certain low level, nonviolent drug offenders will no longer be charged with offense that's impose draconian mandatory sentence autos holder says since 19 80s the country's population increased by a third but federal prison population has gone up 800%. >> we cannot simply prosecute our way to becoming a safer nation. >> holder says he's trouble bid a report black male drug offenders are receiving sentence that's are 20% longer than those on white males
as app and be sthour follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. >> this man is now facing child molestation charges. livermore police say he abused a 9-year-old boy for a number of years saying he was friends with the mother. rodriguez is a registered sex offender working as a tax auditor for the state. >> developing news now. an amber alert has expanded today for two children believed to have been kidnapped by a man in san diego county. this is a picture of the children hannah anderson with her 8-year-old brother, ethan and the suspect. the mother was found dmaed a burning rubble of a house dimaggio owned. investigators say he has a pla tonic relationship with a woman. remains of a child were also found but identity have not been determined. the children may be with him in a blue nissan versa. >>> police found her mini cooper yesterday. >> the driver accuse fd plowing into pedestrians saturday night on venice beach board walk is now facing murder and assault charges. a felony complaint outlined 34 counts against the 38-year-old transient from colorado with a history of run in w
through the weekend people using the bridge are coming out to say goodbye to the old, hello not new. this berkeley resident marcus brought his 4-year-old daughter out for a couple pictures today knowing the old one will be long gone by the time she's driving. >> i was looking forward to the new bridge opening and i forgot the old bridge is closing. >> it is going to be dismanteled, piece by piece. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller continues now. >> with a look at how commuters are trying to plan ahead. >> car, truck, motorcycle, bus. the bay bridge closure will not discriminate, if you built up goodwill by carpooling or taking public transportation. >> i'm going stay home. >> you're not going to go into work? >> i don't think so. >> not worth it?. >> not worth it. >> buses will stop running after 7:10 wednesday evening until opening back up. instead, buses will run back and forth and riders seem ready for the change. >> sometimes i take trance bay into the city. just expect more of a crowd. >> casual carpoolers are now dropping their car autos nothing i can do. >> maybe i'll try an
this violence at home and joins us from the newsroom. >> secretary of state kerry is calling the violence deplorable, egyptian christians told me this afternoon them3b army there is doing what must be done. the military crack down forced that country's vice president to resign. nobodiel -- nobel peace prize winner says he will not bear responsibility for the blood shed but in hayward, marianne, who has been blogging about what is going on has a different take on news reports of a massacre. >> since yesterday it's a legal procedure. >> saying the army is justified in removing what she calls an armed camp of morsi supporters. >> it's been proven he's an armed sit in. >> jipgs american activist is watching this same event. >> i don't think the appropriate response to violence is more violence or that this justifies the massacre of 150 or so people, today. >> in burlingame an egyptian american is watching coverage and torn. >> morsi supporters have the right to peaceful demonstration. and i understand their frustration. having lost power in the manner they did. >> she wants the country to get
to warn us off. >> millions of parts to join. >> in the 19 30s it cost $77 million to build. seven decades later the eastern span alone will cost $300 million to bring down. the construction will take place by contractors working from the top to mud level at the bottom of the bay. strangely enough in the top section. >> they're studying how the original span was first. >> more carefully because we're more environmental. the steel has lead paint. watch dog agencies will be on hand to make sure none of it calls into the bay. as to what might remain? >> this spokesman shows us a possibility of maybe a nice memorial or a pier. these are artist conception autos dumb question. >> yes. >> will your new memorial will be seismicly sound? >> yes. because it has nowhere to go. >> except history books. >> ac transit is offering bus service to some east bay bart stations to help people get across the bay. bart will be operating around the clock and the ferry is expanding it's sked yu. if you need to drive down load abc 7's waze traffic app to get around the gridlock. >> you may remember last time a bri
spoke with him this afternoon and joins us now with reaction. laura? >> hi, cheryl this has been a tough three months for the driver. he did interviews early on, including one with abc 7 news but once fingers started pointing towards him he's been mostly quiet on the advice of attorneys we met with brown, his brother and father near the family home. clearing him of any criminal wrong doing. >> i'm talking with my attorneys they told me months ago that the only thing that may happen was a civil suit. as far as no criminal charges i mean, it's been stressful, though. b it's been real stress wfl allegations and with requesting my phone records and that stuff. >> now, brown had to endure weeks of public scrutiny not only of that night but his life. recently his estranged wife claims brown was talking on the phone with her just before the accident. today, investigators said clearly they examined phone records he was in the talking on the phone in minutes policedding the fire, we'll hear more tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> thank you very much. coming up you're going to hear from the first 9
on at accjc was on one side of in sacramento. they used the process to produce a hammer on city college. >> his other target oversees all 112 community colleges in california saying it's abandoned responsibilities, handing them over to what he calls a wholey unaccountable and private entity. today is a day after lawmakers voted to audit the accjc and after protests, including this one. brian mcewan took part in that. >> we need a leader of this community to to step up for city college. and to be dealing with atros cities, he's done that he says there is still time to save city college but the board trust gee not sure. >> this timing of the lawsuit takes a while. city college has a short time. it needs to focus on finishing the tasks that the agency asks for. >> and n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> santa clara county cracking down on homeless sex offenders. the safe task force conduct aid sweep in the coyote yeek area. they're looking for 20 known sex offenders transient sex offenders required to register every 30 days. this sweep is expected to continue tomorrow. >> oakland police arrest
been through a bay bridge closure before and law enforcement on both sides of the bridge will use their past experience to guide them when the old bridge closes. for the last time, next week. meantime we've got a look at what it will be like to make that first trip over the new bridge. this video show what's it will be like for driver who's say travel at the eastern span of the bay bridge. like the old bridge there will be five lanes. unlike the old bridge there will be shoulder. the infamous s-curve will disappear its going to feel more open for drivers heading eastbound. you're going to come out of the tunnel skpb on the open right away. and are going to seat towers and cables, immediately. >> the old one will have to be closed for five days starting wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. the process of closing will likely begin before 8:00. >> we're asking individuals to be patient. do not by any mean as tempt to pass a chp vehicle attempting to slow down traffic. >> onramps will be shut down on both sides. and drivers enkushlgd to be atentive to the signs and people directing traffic.
there are still no lanes. the patrol car gave us a view of what you can expect. officer daniel hill is impressed. >> we get access to roadways prior to anyone else. you're the first vehicles to tra verse the bay bridge. awesome feeling. >> paving is about complete. >> now, everything going well. we're on schedule and looking forward to opening on time. >> check this out. a big chunk of the old approach is gone. a thousand feet being demolished to make room for the temporary path. construction crews expect demolition to be done by sunday morning. with the temporary bike and pedestrian pass in as early as tomorrow night. caltrans is taking advantage by cleaning painting and doing electrical work. traditional lights burn out in two, three years. and provide better lighting. >> because there is no s-curve, speed limit is 50 miles per hour. >> we want to take you live into afternoon commute. >> do we have to? >> unfortunately. you have to see what is going on there. >> self 7 technology we're live now in the middle of 101 traffic. where are you? >> well, larry i just got on to highway 101 here. north
closes. follow us fr latest impacts. >> coming up, how a wedding plan jer making arinkments for a stressed out bride getting married on treasure island this weekend. then, at 5:00 last minute construction needed to usher out old bridge and bring in the new. >> moving on to other news abc 7 news i team learned of a possible sixth victim of convicted serial killer joseph naso. naso has been linked to another woman's murder now, prosecutors say they found evidence connecting him to a sixth killing ofalju)p06hc patton. this plan to present that evidence next month. >> former walnut creek theater teacher pleaded guilty to child pornography and molestation charges. the 27-year-old accepted a deal sending him to jail 90 days. he'll be required to register as a sex offender and bide by a 10 year stay away order. >> we want to you take a look at these men just some of the 23 gang member as rested in richmond in a major crack down on crime police conducted wire taps on the deep c gang. investigator says they recorded the men planning murders. >> when we're intercepting folks to a car
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